Sunday, May 18, 2008

Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle Review

Genres: Comedy

Running Time: 1Hr And 27 Mins

Release Date: July 30th, 2004

MPAA Rating: Rated R for strong language, sexual content, drug use, crude humor

Distributors: New Line Cinema

U.S. Box Office: $18,225,165

John Cho, Kal Penn, Steve Braun, Brooke D'Orsey, Neil Patrick Harris

Two likeable underdogs, Harold and Kumar, set out on a Friday night quest to satisfy their craving for White Castle hamburgers and end up on an epic journey of deep thoughts, deeper inhaling and a wild road trip as "un-PC" as it gets.

One word describes Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle and that word my friends is Smart. Why cause you have a 2 stoners just laying around one wants to be something in his life and the other just doesn't give a shit. Harold (John Cho) gets back from work knowing he has a ass load of work he has to get done. Now Kumar just came back from one stupid ass interview with Fred Willard (don't know his name in the movie) and his just kicking back with Harold until they fell the munchies coming in. So there deciding what to get when they see a ad on tv about White Castle's and then thinking they haven't had White Castle in the longest time they decide to go and there is where the movie just kicks off.

John Cho as Harold and Kal Penn as Kumar in New Line's Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

A Special Moment In The Movie

Now i said smart cause no one in there right mind would think of this. But thank good the director (Danny Leiner) was on his wrong mind when he said lets make a stoner movie where the characters ride a cheetah to White Castle. Which is one of the funniest things i have ever seen in a movie. The movie was just the right time so i can watch and then go and see something else. It doesn't really have much of a budget and you can tell from the cheetah part really.

Kal Penn as Kumar in New Line's Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

What Would Neil Patrick Harris Do?

Now the acting was really funny and stupid and you can tell the guys were just having the time of there life when they made this. There was so many things in this movie that were trippy as Fuck and funny as Hell. I highly recommend you see Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle and then when you are done go watch the 2nd one in the theaters before its gone and you have to watch on the boring as DVD.

Overall I Give it 4.5 Druged Up Cheetah's Out Of 5

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